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In the ancient past, since before the years were of consistent length, before there was a clear distinction between Earth and Sea and Sky, before the Blood Rose seduced the Queen of Petal and Thorn, before the Celestial Watcher had his eye blinded by the Djinn, the elves had rules the world.

Humanity could only tremble in the meager huts and pathetic “cities” while the elves ruled the Known World. They lived long and had great magics, the most powerful elf Lords and Ladies were practically immortal and used great magics to create awe-inspiring beasts, change the landscape to the match them whims, and amuse themselves with the suffering and drama of the lesser people.

Then they left.

Every elf, from the lowest elf peasant to the mightiest godking, gathered upon great ships and sailed Away.

Humanity crawled out of their hiding places and took over the elf cities and built ones of their own. They warred and loved and created, but still cannot come close to reaching the wonders of the elves.

But they are getting closer.

Great ships set out to discover new lands, artists are crafting masterpieces sure to be remembered for centuries, gunpowder is starting to change war and printing presses start to change how humanity views the written world.

The world is being reborn in the image of humanity. A great Renaissance is encompassing the world.

Home Page

Reign: The Great Renaissance Funkadelic