Races of the Known World

Races of the World

The Races of the World are the natural peoples that inhabit the Known World.


Once the dominant race of The Know World, the elves were long-lived, beautiful, and blessed with natural magical talent. What caused the great degree of different between a common elf and an almost godlike Elflord is unknown. However, both took to the sea a thousand years ago for unknown reasons. There has been no credible sighting or contact with an elf since.


Humans are the current masters of the Known World. Humans lack the longevity, eerie beauty, and natural magical aptitude of Elves but they are working on the latter. Humanity has currently entered a great age of exploration, research and art currently unrivaled by any other time in human history.


These creatures are a very uncommon in human lands. Dwarves live deep underground in mountainous areas and rarely make contact with humans. In areas far away from mountains, Dwarves are an almost mythical people. People away from mountains often consider dwarves to be greedy, drunken, lechers. In the remote mountain villages that do have occasional contact with Dwarven peoples, they are considered to be stoic, quiet, and rather boring. It is commonly held among all people, that Dwarves have an obsession with gold that boarders on madness.


While elves no longer exist, the did occasionally dally with humans with predictable results. Throughout The Known World half-elves are occasionally born to human families, no one has yet to determine why this happens. Depending on where they were born, half-elves could be killed at birth, worshiped as demi-gods, or forced into slums. In very rare circumstances to legal distinction is made between human and half-elf.


Dwarves and humans rarely interact, much less have sex with each other. The few stories of half-dwarves inevitably involve them leaving the human world behind and heading towards the mountains. No one knows how they are treated among the Dwarves.

Unnatural Races

Due to processes that no one yet understands, people the give into negative desires are sometimes transformed into inhuman creatures. Many of the races are considered evil, although there are examples of many of them (usually those of the second generation) living fairly normal lives. At least when they can find people to accept them. It is as yet unknown why some of the changes that take place, do so much more often in certain geographic areas.


Most common on the southern continent, Djinn are created when a person becomes overcome with great pride. Haughty and proud the Djinn believe themselves to be the greatest of peoples and see there transformation as a blessing. The are often quite skilled with magic of smoke and fire.


The rarest but most powerful of the Unnatural Races are men and women consumed with great greed. The most powerful of them could fight an entire Kingdom. Fortunately, they usually stay in one place guarding their hoard of treasure, paranoid that someone might take it from them.


“If you don’t listen to your parents, you’ll turn into a goblin.” Nearly every person in the Known World has had a parent tell them this. It is more than an empty threat to scare misbehaving children. People who live a life of wicked mischievous wake up some days to find themselves transformed into small ugly creatures. Devious goblins are a nuisance, up until their pranks ruin someones like of get someone killed.


People consumed with great rage become minotaurs, great brutes obsessed with fulfilling their petty desires and bullying others. They can also be created by witches of The Three Seeds. A witch can become a minotaur themselves, sometimes even with more self-control and less bestial rage. Usually, they’re just as brutish as the rest.


Common in wild, frozen places where lack of food is hard to come by, Ogres are what happen when a human because too use to eating human flesh. These giant creatures wander empty places, luring or tricking humans into joining their larder. When deceit fails, their great strength usually doesn’t


A vampire is cursed. They have wronged someone in a completely unforgivable way and are now forced to live a pale mockery of their lives, forsaken by the sun and all they loved in life. They are miserable parasites clinging desperately to some sense of majesty as they destroy anything they may have cared about in life.

Races of the Known World

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